remembers i have OCs

his name is faeranduil


trying to find a happy medium between anime look + manga look + own personal style

was gonna actually paint him but then i wanted to do something else! so

(was this just an excuse to draw freckly dan again? probably)

i am the art equivalent of shitposting

# jjba junk.


every time i draw him he gets mORE FRECKLY

i really want this shirt from torrid and kohai said it looked like something steely would wear so here we fuckin are. did this before i finished my sonico pic.


i just want these two to be happy and not shitty to each other but thats never gonna fucking happen (also i drew this at 7AM and probably wont finish it so up the sketch goes)

terry is bia’s timeskip terry b/c reasons

# wip junk.

wip ill finish today

aimless doodling

practice practice practice

somewhat of a big practice dump

working on making my faces more 3D

he is risen